Build your own ecommerce website

with security and high performance.

Licensed to download front-end and back-end source code, and the ability to perform secondary development.

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Sale and rent business models

are available.

Our system has two business models and supports managing multiple sites.

High Performance & Security

Support big data, master-slave database, read-write separation, file and redis caching, multi-language, and provide high security.

Simple Fee

Only the authorisation fee is required. We also offer free updates on a permanent and regular basis.

Customise Development

Not only can you do the secondary development, our experienced developer can also provide the development for you.


We get you covered. Experienced developer help your queries. Quick response within 24 hours from customers for any queries.

Our Advantages

Our system runs instantly without the need for modification and supports secondary development with personalized customization.

The data and source code is stored on your own servers and supports big data processing, ensuring business privacy.

The system is easy to be used and covers a large number of mature functions, multi-language, multi-store management etc.

The administration back office is regularly updated with new features.

Service To Choose


US$ 149.00
  • Get store source
  • Get database source
  • Technical support


US$ 349.00
Most Popular
  • Get back-end management source
  • Get database source
  • Technical support


By Negotiation
  • Full developing with site
  • One-off set up assistance
  • Technical support

What is Doesite and how does it work?

A hybrid system with shopping and rental. Doesite is an open source PHP-based online ecommerce solution, which is high performance, safe and easy to use.

You can download all the source code with a license.

Just pay the license fee to download the source code.

Front-end source code is US$149.00, back-end source code is US$349.00, customise development by negotiation.

Sure, if you buy the authorization.

We adopt the MVC development model and encapsulate a large number of functions, so all developers can start second development easily and quickly.

Yes, talk to our experienced developer who can build custom website development solutions designed to meet your business's unique needs.

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